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D& D Classic Auto Restoration's exhibit of digital design was in the Resto Auto row of tents. A one-fifth scale clay and foam model, the result of a styling exercise was the centerpiece of the display. There was plenty to see: Examples included a wide range of capabilities, including the use of computer driven digital design use in restoration and rebodying.
A hallmark car show - without doubt one of the more prestigious, Pebble Beach annually brings together many of the rarest and most desirable cars to compete for some of the most coveted awards in the world.

Pebble Beach is also an excellent opportunity for the professional restorers of these fine automobiles to exhibit their capabilities, make contact with old customers, renew old acquaintances and, ultimately, to lure new customers to their shops. Mark Kennison felt it was an excellent time to display D&D's Digital Design capabilities.

Digital Design is a computer-driven software-based capability found only in a very few restoration shops and likely in all current-day styling studios. "It's modern technology that has unlimited possibilities in the restoration arena," says Mark Kennison. "Digital Design allows us to generate realistic photo-like images of proposed body design changes, etc., for our customers to examine prior to the beginning of the actual job," he explained. A detailed explanation of the use of Digital Design in metalworking projects will appear on our website within the near future.

Included in the exhibit was a 1/5 scale clay and foam model of a 1933 Bentley 8-Litre that was sculpted for a Bentley chassis owner who wants a special full size body. Posters backing up the exhibit depicted several Digital-Design images of the Bentley project, which at this writing is now in the beginning metalshaping stages at D&D.

Other posters illustrated a 1911 Stafford speedster that was recently rebodied, several past Pebble Beach winners restored at D&D including a 1928 Isotta-Fraschini, a Monte Carlo race Bentley, a 1930 Cord L29 Touring and the one-and-only 1938 Dubonnet, a 2000 Pebble Beach winner that rocked the styling world in 1938.

Of special interest to the Ferrari fans was restoration pictures of a 1957 Ferrari Tour de France racer that is nearing completion back in D&D's shop. Classic car fans were intriqued by the images of a 1933 Auburn Boattail Speedster body which D&D coachbuilt from the ground up.

Completing the poster were depictions of several metalshaping operations.

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