D&D Classic Design

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The D&D Classic Design studio is here to supplement restoration of high end automobiles. Additionally, we offer our design studio services to other restoration shops. We have 3D scanning equipment, 3D printers, 3D modeling software, and multiple workstations for our designers to work on a wide variety of projects.

The design studio specializes in digital conceptualization of full or partial projects to help the customer establish the best direction and inform the craftsmen. In addition to the full blown 3D modeling process for fabrication of a custom car, modifications, or restoration, we also use our studio for reverse engineering obsolete parts, molding & casting, photoshop, and 3d printing services.

Although our most popular services are outlined in more detail via the links across the top of this page, you will find that the D&D Design studio has much more to offer. Our reverse engineering process is capable of recreating obsolete parts utilizing our 3D scanning and printing technology to make one-off or small runs of parts at a competitive rate. We work with local vendors to produce accessories themed to the project including embroidered projects, leather goods, and jewelry type items.