3D Scanning and Modeling

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At D&D Classic, we utilize the latest in 3D scanning and modeling technologies to quickly bring ideas to reality. 3D scanning allows us to quickly and accurately digitize the parts we have, and the 3D modeling helps to establish a clear design direction. With these tools, we are able to more effectively communicate with our customers and ensure we understand and are working towards their vision. 

Existing Chassis and Bodies are digitized with our 3D scanners. This process is essential to ensure accurate information and establish a digital starting point for modifications. The scanning process not only shows us what we have, but what we need. With this digital information, we can build brackets, body panels, structural supports, and even fabricate entire chassis and suspension parts. We can use the 3D data to analyze asymmetry that will impact the quality of the restoration or use the data to repair damage from accidents.

Scanning a car body, we can translate the information into station bucks that can be used to fabricate repair pieces or replacement parts. This information can be saved to assist in future repairs if necessary. For more information on our station buck process, please visit our station buck page. 

3D modeling of a body can give us a great idea of what the car will look like when it is finished and reduce the hours (and therefore cost) of building the parts. When a customer comes to us with a specific modification in mind, we can quickly digitally model the modification. This allows for greater discussion on execution and a greater understanding of the scope of the project. 

Although there are always new challenges with any project, we have found our 3D modeling process helps us to better anticipate these issues and develop solutions earlier in the process. The sooner problems are identified, the faster and cheaper a solution can be crafted.