Color Renderings

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Color choice is the single most important part of a restoration. It is the first thing people see and can make a car stand out for better or worse. The subtlety of color choice can effect the presence of the car and even the mood of those looking at it. At D&D Classic, we create high resolution digital renderings of the vehicle before it is painted to ensure the customer can make an informed decision and best option is chosen. 

Digital renderings can be done in either Photoshop or as a digital model and 3d renderings. Each option has advantages and disadvantages and one may be more suitable than the other depending on the specifics of a certain project. 

Photoshop renderings are the quickest and cheapest. If good reference photography is available, a render can be completed very quickly and additional color options or body modifications can be completed at lower costs. The downside to Photoshop renderings is they are limited to a single view per render. Multiple views can be rendered at additional cost, but if multiple views are needed, it may be more efficient to go the route of a digital model.

Digital models are a great way to see the renders in different environments, viewpoints, and even video renders to show off reflections and more detailed specific views. The renders can be set up with multiple variants allowing for quicker alterations to the color options and ultimately providing a more complete picture of the completed project for the customer. In addition to color combinations, the digital model process can be instrumental in supplementing the restoration of the car. Head on over to our page on 3D modeling for more information on why this is important and helpful.


Regardless of which path is chosen, the renders are ultimately used to select color chips and lead to spray outs. The spray outs will use the actual paint for the car sprayed on metal so they can be viewed at various angles and in the sunlight. This step is very important, as color perception can change with different lighting scenarios and surroundings.

We offer this service to customers of D&D Classic, as well as contractors for other members of the restoration community-both individuals restoring their own car, or other restoration shops to help their customers. For more information or to contact us for service, call Mark Kennison at or 937.473.2229